In Aspen, you’re breathing the air of creativity. Immerse yourself in our vibrant arts and culture community and let your inspiration run wild with world class events, gatherings and performances designed to nurture your mind, body and soul. 


No matter the genre, music’s language is universal. Uncover the stories behind the musicians, concerts and venues that help cultivate Aspen’s legendary music scene.

Performing Arts

From stage to screen, Aspen has long been the celebrated host to creative expression. Now it’s your turn to grab a front row seat for a performance that defies ordinary. 

Museums & Centers

Enrich your soul with a little personal inspiration. Connect with the arts and nature at one of Aspen’s many exhibits and get hands on at our art and environmental centers. 


Creativity is woven into the fabric of our mountain town. Find your place where nature and culture come together and challenge your mind to think on a whole different level.    


The best way to fully appreciate the arts is to experience them first hand. Every day in Aspen is a life-changing event; find the one that inspires you.